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About InWood

Company Information

INWOOD is a furniture maker dedicated to the design and production of quality, timeless wooden furniture made from sustainably grown Rwandan wood. INWOOD designers and carpenters are motivated to exceed your expectations in customized furniture for the home, workplace, and public amenities like restaurants, schools, or playgrounds.

Background and History


INWOOD had been founded in 2016 by two expatriate ladies (Wikke and Valentina) enthusiastic to design and produce wooden furniture fitting the requirements of customers out of the box.

Meanwhile, the founders have left Rwanda and sold their company to the owner and Managing Director of DOKMAI Rwanda, Mrs. UMUNYANA Bernadette, a leather fashion manufacturer.

Mrs. UMUNYANA is anticipating a synergetic effect from managing two complementary companies as already in the past DOKMAI Rwanda had carried out upholstery activities for various customers including INWOOD.

The first initiative of Mrs. UMUNYANA was to integrate INWOOD furniture into her DOKMAI Gallery showroom located at Lemigo Hotel, KG 622, Kimihirura, and Kigali expecting that residential customers will appreciate both product lines in her attractive boutique.

The INWOOD workshop had been installed within the premises of the Gacuriro TVET School and serves as training facilities for the carpenter students of this school.

The INWOOD staff is composed of 12 permanent carpenters of whom 2 women under the supervision of an experienced production manager, being also a confirmed carpenter. In addition, 3 trainees are assisting in the production of the furniture. Experienced casual workers are hired whenever the volume of work exceeds the capacity of the permanent workers. One of the permanent workers also has a qualification in furniture design.

Our Objectives

  • Customer satisfaction through excellent work (wo)manship and thorough quality control of our finished products to ensure the high quality of our furniture.
  • Customization of furniture to the specification of our customers in addition to a range of standard products.
  • Environmental responsibility through the use of wood managed through sustainable stewardship and judicious exploitation of Rwanda’s forests and forest plantations.
  • Women empowerment by offering work and on-the-job training to young women in a work environment traditionally dominated by men.

Our Mission

To compete in quality and longevity with furniture imported from outside Rwanda produced in an environmentally respecting manner from sustainably grown and harvested wood from various domestic tree species such as Eucalyptus, Pine, Cyprus, Cederella, Grevillea, etc…

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